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Geographical Location

The particular location of the Resort Narechen’s baths – on the mountain ridges of the Rhodopes, along the Chaya River – makes it a unique place for relaxation, combining fresh air, picturesque scenery and the miraculous effects of mineral water.



The resort is located at 620 km of altitude. At 15 km is the Bachkovo Monastery, 25 km from Asenovgrad, 45 km from Plovdiv, 45 km from the resort of Pamporovo, 45 km from Krastova gora, 35 km from “The Wonderful bridges”, 4 km south along the road to Smolyan is the Roman Bridge, it is also close to the Dyavolskoto gurlo (“The Devils throat”) and the Yagodinska cave. The road from Plovdiv and Asenovgrad for Chepelare, Pamporovo, Smolyan, Madan and Rudozem passes near the resort. The climate in this region is transitional between the Continental of Southern Bulgaria and the Mediterranean at our southern border areas. It is soft and favourable for resort-treatment because the village is protected by high mountain ranges and mitigated by the river passing through it. Winter is mild with sunny and clear days. Spring is characterized by moderate rainfall and a rapid onset of hot, almost cloudless weather. Summer has no debilitating heat with cool nights. Autumn is warm and sunny with almost no rainfall.
Vegetation in the resort is represented by winter oak, blagun, hornbeam, beech and pine with subway from sumac, red smirka, rosehip, hawthorn, dogwood, hazel, etc..
The altitude has a good effect on air cleanliness and intensity of solar radiation.

Surrounding woodland reduces the noise and cleans the air. Annual average atmospheric pressure is about 711 mmHg. The average of the highest annual maximum temperatures reaches 33ºС and the lowest annual minimum temperatures – minus 17 ºС.