Welcome to Balneo complex 'Medica Narechen'

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Работно време : Monday to Sunday - 24 hours
  За контакт : +359 886 86 1000



The advantage of the area as a balneological, resort and tourist centre is the rich variety of mineral waters and healing climate. The BalneoComplex ‘Medica-Narechen’ through its employees provides prevention and rehabilitation of patients of the following groups of diseases:

  • 1.Diseases of the musculoskeletal system – traumatic and degenerative disabilities;
  • 2.Joint diseases – all types of scoliosis;
  • 3.Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • 4.Diseases of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system;
  • 5.Conditions after surgery interventions;
  • 6.Gynaecological diseases;
  • 7.Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract;
  • 8.Endocrine-metabolic diseases – obesity, diabetes, gout;
  • 9.Skin diseases;
  • 10.Urological diseases;
  • 11.Lymph stasis of the upper and lower limbs.