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Why do we need detoxification?

The fast pace of life today is a continuous source of a great amount of toxins that accumulate in our bodies. They are inhaled with air, taken with food and water or result from our metabolism. All of us have toxins; once they enter a cell, they increasingly accumulate. According to some experts, this is the source of lots of chronic diseases. However, there is a procedure which helps to get rid of this unpleasant body waste – ionic detoxification/cleansing.

First, it is important to say that good personal hygiene and drinking plenty of water are extremely important for our natural detoxification. Excretion of toxins is done mainly by our skin and kidneys. But if theses organs of our bodies do not successfully do it for a number of reasons, waste products accumulate in the cells. And here our health problems start.



Ionic detoxification works in a way that makes it possible to cleanse the lymph and blood circulation system from waste products of metabolism and smoking, as well as fat and accumulated heavy metals. The procedures accelerate the functions of tissue and cells so blood sugar levels and blood pressure are lowered. Vegetative nervous system and immune systems are stimulated

Ionic cleansing facilitates the work of liver and kidneys and improves the function of our digestive system. The procedure performs a “massage” of the whole organism and deals with skin problems like hyperpigmentation or acne; it also can help for healing wounds. It is important to know that ionic cleansing helps the cells and tissues to relax, which in turn improves sleep.

Due to their specifics, we normally cannot feel early enough the negative effect of toxins on the body. That is why you need not wait to start feeling unwell to try out the curative effect of detoxification – it can always prove beneficial!

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