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Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Narechen’s mineral waters include several natural and sounding hydromineral sources of similar chemical composition but they differ considerably in their radioactivity and to some extent – in their temperature. The waters are clear, colourless, odourless, pleasant taste, some of them are strong others moderate to radon, silica and lightly fluorine. Their temperature varies from 11°C to 29°C. Most of the sounding waters have a lower temperature (11°C -18°C), making them suitable for drinking. The content of mineral water in the BalneoComplex ‘Medica-Narechen’ per 1 liter / water is: 0.015 mg Mn, 0.038 mg Pb, 0.024 mg Zn, 0.019 mg Cd. Narechen’s mineral waters contain the radioactive element Radon and its decomposition products.

Physiological and therapeutic and prophylactic importance of the water is largely determined by its radioactivity, the presence of acid metasilicate, small fluorine content, hypo- thermality.

Radon enters the body through the skin, digestive system and lungs. It passes through the skin in small quantities, penetrates into the blood and reaches internal organs. The best absorption through the skin is in water at a temperature up to 37°C. Moreover, when bathing, the solid insoluble radioactive substances are deposited on the skin which in their further degradation have a long impact on the body. Radon evolved in the air during the balneological procedure being inhaled by the patient acts as inhalation.

Mineral water used in the BalneoComplex ‘Medica-Narechen’, affects organs and systems in the human body through:

  • Enhancing the diuresis;
  • Improving the secretion and motorics of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary tract;
  • Normalizing effect on the activity of the nervous system and endocrine glands;
  • Activating the regeneration of blood;
  • Improving the inflammatory degenerative processes;