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Balneokomplex 'Medica - Narechen'

The BalneoComplex 'Medica-Narechen' offers its guests accommodation in a BalneoHotel, located in one of the most beautiful places in the Rhodope Mountains.


Medical Center

Medical Center "Medica Expert" works with leading specialists in the field of physiotherapy and skillfully combines the healing properties of mineral waters and nature with the modern achievements of medicine.

Medical counseling

Each patient is assigned an individual, comprehensive healing and healing program.

Qualified specialists

The "Medicca-Narechen" balneo complex through its specialists provides highly qualified prophylaxis and rehabilitation.

Relax services

SPA and wellness sector is our surprise for all the guests of "Medica - Narechen" spa complex.

Healing Services

The climate, the healing mineral water, abundant in the region and the procedures are conducive to an unforgettable holiday.

Why is a preliminary medical examination necessary?
Mineral water baths
Hydro massage bath

How does kinesiotherapy improve our health? ? Treatment through movement has often been underestimated. A lot of people do not see any connection between exercise and recovery from certain diseases, while in fact well chosen exercises could…

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Mineral water baths

What are the benefits from mineral water baths? A bathtub full of mineral water – sounds pleasant and relaxing but these are not all its advantages. This procedure has a strong healing effect on human organism as…

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Application and effect of ultrasound therapy on organism. Ultrasound therapy is widely used today. Its origins, however, date back to the 1940s. Gradually with time it developed into the present wonderful method of treatment. Ultrasound therapy which…

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Hydro massage bath

What kind of procedure is this and how does it improve health? Hydro massage is one of those pleasant procedures during which we can relax while successfully healing our bodies. It consists in having an underwater massage…

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