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Turkish bath – hamam

Hamam – a place for physical and spiritual purification.

Is it possible to find a place where you can relax to such a degree that you achieve physical and spiritual cleansing? The answer is yes and this place is the Turkish steam bath called hamam. Taking this bath is an excellent method to detoxify and relax and its positive effect has been proved with centuries of experience.

Hamam is a symbol of the Oriental culture, combining the structure and functionality of the Roman thermae preceding it with the Turkic traditions of steam bathing and ritual washing.

The benefits this method offers to our bodies are many and various – for example, strengthening our immunity and slowing down the processes of aging; improving blood circulation and the work of the cardiovascular system. Also, skin pores open and our bodies are actively detoxified.

The warmth and steam in the hamam help to cleanse and refresh the skin. Fatigue and stress go away and insomnia is overcome. A Turkish bath can have a very wide application – it acts positively and stabilizes the respiratory system, relieves muscle pain and improves the work of the digestive tract. Hamam is helpful for colds and their complications and last but not least – it stimulates weight loss.

In the authentic atmosphere of the hamam you will feel the wonderful effect of the wet massage, typical for this place. Take for example the Oriental “kese” peeling – a traditional procedure to clean the body; with a soft glove, made of silk threads, the therapist removes the layer of dead cells from the skin. Thus the skin takes on healthy colour and the wanted elasticity. The soap lather massage on the other hand is a wonderful combination of classical massage techniques and the refreshing and relaxing touch of the fragrant lather.

If you like the idea of reaching full relaxation of your mind and body while cleansing from toxins – hamam is the perfect place. Do not miss the opportunity to try out its time-tested healing power!

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