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Application and effect of ultrasound therapy on organism.

Ultrasound therapy is widely used today. Its origins, however, date back to the 1940s. Gradually with time it developed into the present wonderful method of treatment.

Ultrasound therapy which you can take advantage of at MEDICA balneo complex in Narechen helps with many injuries and diseases. The reasons for this are that it is well tolerated and proves effective in a wide range of conditions while being harmless. The lines below will give you some details about this method.

How does ultrasound work?

Ultrasound creates waves which penetrate deep into our bodies. The therapeutic effect becomes possible exactly due to the impact of these waves on tissues. The result is pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic and antispasmodic action. Also, metabolism and microcirculation are improved and regeneration is stimulated. In the course of treatment the recovery process is speeded up thanks to the increased blood flow. Muscles relax, tendons soften through the micro massage, and if there is swelling, pain is reduced when edema lessens.

When do we need ultrasound therapy?



Due to its wide range of indications ultrasound can be applied for various injuries and conditions. The method is especially effective in contusions, hematomas and sprains, rough scars, muscle spasms and pain. It helps with tendinitis, tendinosis and similar conditions as well as contractures, arthrosis and various degenerative diseases of joints. Ultrasound has a positive effect in neurological diseases (neuritis, neuralgia, etc.) and helps the organism recover in the post operational period.

The ultrasound therapy offered in MEDICA balneo complex is used to introduce topically different medicaments in the body. This process is called phonophoresis. It speeds up the absorption of the drug into the blood and lymph and thus physical therapy is combined with medicamentous treatment. In short, the benefits for your health are plenty and if you feel you need treatment, do not hesitate to try this!

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