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How does kinesiotherapy improve our health? ?

Treatment through movement has often been underestimated. A lot of people do not see any connection between exercise and recovery from certain diseases, while in fact well chosen exercises could have a great effect on improving our health. Kinesiotherapy (known also as exercise therapy) is the proof. .

Over the years this method has been developed to a degree as to be considered not only physical, but psychical and social therapy as well. It combines sciences like anatomy, biomechanics, pedagogy, etc., to create treatment based on one of the most basic functions of our bodies – movement.



It is through using the motor abilities of patients in a different way that body recovery and improvement become possible. Depending on the specific case kinesiotherapy can be active (the patient participates in the movements) and passive (the patient is treated by applying movement on him/her).

It is important to emphasize that kinesiotherapy is more than simply moving the body. It can both influence the injured area directly and the functioning of organs and different systems indirectly. Also, its positive effect on mind is not at all to be underestimated.

Another important advantage of kinesiotherapy is that it is applied in almost all conditions. It is widely used in traumatology and orthopedics for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is suitable for post-surgery and fracture conditions as well as for back pain after strokes and heart attacks. Kinesiotherapy helps in a number or respiratory and rheumatoid diseases as well. It can be used for prevention but also be applied in different stages of the disease or pathological process.

It has long since been proved that a certain amount of physical activity is extremely healthy while sedentary life acts in just the opposite way. So do not hesitate to experience for yourselves the beneficial effect of kinesiotherapy on your health!

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