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How and when does pressotherapy help?

Pressotherapy, known also as compression therapy, is a procedure that helps us to get rid of toxins, overcome cellulite, firm our bodies and boost immunity.

The procedure consists in lymphatic drainage made with a machine – a pleasant massage through air pressure. The lymphatic flow in the organism is intensified which leads to better immune response. At the same time the body is relieved from toxins, excess liquid and fat. If you use lymphatic drainage for a longer period then regeneration of tissue is improved as well.

Pressotherapy is an extremely effective, pleasant and painless way to deal with cellulite. It also energizes muscles, relieves fatigue and helps recovery after long periods of immobilization or serious physical stress. It is also recommended when you need to improve your blood circulation.

The impact on muscle tone during the procedure leads to a series of positive changes in the organism, for example – lessening of the fat deposits in thighs, intensifying of the so-called passive part of the blood circulation system (lymph nodes and veins) and boosting metabolism in the treated tissues. It is important to mention that it helps for fast and successful weight loss, getting rid of pain and edema in the extremities, etc.

In short, pressotherapy is most advisable to use if you want to make your body firm and fit, win the struggle with cellulite, get rid of toxins and lose weight, as well as relieve fatigue in your legs. The procedure is a good alternative to liposuction – there are visible results even after the first session.

Of course, like with every other medical procedure, there are contraindications as well; such are deep vein thrombosis, heart failure and tingling in the lower extremities. Severe infection or acute condition in the extremity as well as medicamentous treatment at the time of the procedure can also be a problem. But if such hindrances do not exist, you can fearlessly take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered by pressotherapy.

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