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Hydro massage bath

What kind of procedure is this and how does it improve health?

Hydro massage is one of those pleasant procedures during which we can relax while successfully healing our bodies. It consists in having an underwater massage with a water jet in a special bathtub. The procedure is often used for biostimulation and rehabilitation through combining the effect of massage with water environment.

In this procedure a water jet spurts out of a pump sucking water from the bathtub. The therapist directs the jet pipe at the part of body which needs to be massaged. In this way the impact from the water jet is combined with the calming and relaxing effect of the warm water in the tub. This combination improves the peripheral blood circulation.

Hydro massage

Hydro massage

The intensity of the massage is determined by a number of factors – distance, pressure, the angle of application of the water jet, etc. The procedure lasts from several minutes to half an hour with the usual temperature of the water being approximately equal to the body temperature. It could be a little warmer (37-38 C°) but it depends on the specific purposes for which this treatment is applied.

Applying hydro massage baths leads to relaxation of the whole body and all muscles which in turn relieves stress and strain. Blood circulation improves as well as microcirculation in tissues. The procedure stimulates excretion of waste metabolic products and tissue drainage. It acts positively in recovery from injuries and regeneration. And last but not least, it relieves fatigue and boosts body tone.

To summarize, hydro massage is especially helpful in training and biostimulation, recovery from traumas, treatment for arthrosis, rheumatism and other joint-related conditions, and also neurological diseases like plexitis and radiculitis. No matter whether it is part of a rehabilitation process, athletes’ biostimulation or a general health improvement program, this procedure is always very pleasant for patients. The method has proved its efficacy with time so do not miss the opportunity to try out the curative power of water.

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