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Mineral water baths

What are the benefits from mineral water baths?

A bathtub full of mineral water – sounds pleasant and relaxing but these are not all its advantages. This procedure has a strong healing effect on human organism as a whole. The application range of radon water springing only in Narechen, is extremely wide.

The temperature of the mineral water in the therapeutic baths is usually 32 – 34ºC. People with different cardiological problems or high blood pressure are advised to take their baths sitting. Pouring water over the body is the best alternative when the patient’s condition does not allow for the full application of the method. After these procedures radon particles remain deposited on the skin and render their beneficial effect on the organism.

Mineral water baths are extremely useful as radon possesses a number of healing properties. It acts as a painkiller and tranquilizer, normalizes or lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels and helps to improve cardiac activity. It also has a positive influence in lymphostasis and in cell splitting and metabolism.

Mineral water baths are especially suitable for diabetes – radon improves carbohydrate metabolism and the blood sugar levels are gradually normalized. The procedures can lead to increase of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. In this way immune system functions are boosted and human organism is able to better resist infections.

On the other hand radon renders a strong tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system and a process of improvement or disappearance of pathological changes is observed. The mineral baths improve the function of the thyroid and reproductive glands as well as the healing of skin and the body tone. The list of benefits can go on and on but you had better find out for yourselves the curative properties of radon. Isn’t it the best way to do it while taking a nice bath of mineral water?

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