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Whirlpool baths

Taking a whirlpool bath is a pleasant remedy for better health!

Our everyday routine is such that stress increasingly plays a major role in life. We should give our attention to this as stress influences both our mental and physical health. It is sometimes imperative to slow down a bit and relax and even better – give in to pleasant experiences while healing our bodies. The procedure in a whirlpool bath („pearl bath”) offers just this kind of combination.

The method, known also as air massage, uses a special bathtub for hydro massage. In the bottom and walls of the tub there are openings, through which air passes. A general massage of all muscles is made at a temperature close to our body temperature. This is possible due to the movement of water caused by “the pearls” – air bubbles coming out of the openings. Each of them contributes to the peripheral stimulation of our skin.

Whirlpool bath

It is possible to add to the pearl bath lye, fragrant bath salts with oak, mint, juniper or lavender extracts – all of which increase the beneficial effect of the procedure. A pearl bath is relaxing, refreshing and tranquilizing for our nervous system. Besides dealing with stress, a pearl bath renders a strong positive impact in various health problems like high blood pressure, dysfunction of the nervous system, metabolic disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Last but not least, the procedure helps for cellulite and obesity, rheumatic symptoms and back pain.

A pearl bath lasts for 20 minutes and should be taken about an hour before a meal or two hours after. When the procedure ends, you must dry up your body and drink a glass of water or fruit juice, and then take a 20 to 30 minutes’ rest.

Driving stress out of the body and improving our physical condition can have a huge effect on our lives. Nobody will reject being healthier and living to the full without making particular efforts, won’t they? If you answered positively, do not miss the opportunity to try out the benefits of a pearl bath.

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