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Water therapy exercises

Water therapy exercises – a pleasant way to help our health

Often, we do not have pleasant feelings for having to do more exercise in order to be in good shape and better health. We usually think of exercise as an obligation, which fills us with boredom right away. However, there is a method that makes exercise really pleasant while at the same time increases its positive effect on the body. It is called aquatic or water therapy exercises..

This method can be used for specific health problems as well as for better tone and more beautiful figure. It consists in doing a number of physical exercises suitable for all ages and adjusted to the individual level of the patient. The exercises are done in a special pool where the whole body or the treated parts are submerged.

Water therapy exercises

Water therapy exercises

Water therapy exercises have some exceptional advantages. As in water our weight is about 80 percent lower, the pressure on joints, bones and muscles is greatly relieved. Thus exercises do not add further pressure while exerting a strong positive effect. It is important to note that it is not necessary to be able to swim in order to do the exercises. This makes the method accessible to a lot of people.

Water therapy exercises have a wide range of influence on our bodies. The fact that there is no pressure on joints makes them suitable for people with joint diseases and excess weight. Doing them strengthens heart and increases oxygen influx. The method is suitable also for discopathy, spinal disc herniation, back pain, etc. It is recommended to people with spine curvature disorders, varicose veins, weak muscles, etc.

Do not think water therapy exercises are done only if you have some pain. They strengthen the muscles and give good shape to your body so they are a way to achieve beautiful body and good tone, and overcome stress. If you want to practice a pleasant physical activity without too much load but exerting beneficial effect on your health, don’t hesitate to try water therapy exercises.

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