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Why do we need detoxification? The fast pace of life today is a continuous source of a great amount of toxins that accumulate in our bodies. They are inhaled with…

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Whirlpool baths

Taking a whirlpool bath is a pleasant remedy for better health! Our everyday routine is such that stress increasingly plays a major role in life. We should give our attention…

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How and when does pressotherapy help? Pressotherapy, known also as compression therapy, is a procedure that helps us to get rid of toxins, overcome cellulite, firm our bodies and boost…

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Turkish bath – hamam

Hamam – a place for physical and spiritual purification. Is it possible to find a place where you can relax to such a degree that you achieve physical and spiritual…

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How does warmth in thermotherapy make us happier and healthier? The healing properties of warmth have been known since ancient times. Over the centuries its positive influence on our bodies…

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Water therapy exercises

Water therapy exercises – a pleasant way to help our health Often, we do not have pleasant feelings for having to do more exercise in order to be in good…

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